Creating digital copies of LGBTQ newspapers from the Deep South is a priority for Invisible Histories. Since 2019, IH has been working with partners across the country to try and locate as close to a full run of Deep South Queer publications as possible.
These newspapers and newsletters are home to some of the most robust and interesting details of the history of the communities in our states and we are excited to share them with you. The location and digitization of publications is a vital part of our work and if anyone has leads on additional publications they should contact Invisible Histories at [email protected].

A Newspaper Article from 1912

An LGBTQ Publication Called Barfly

Listing Bars, Clubs, and Other Venues that were Welcoming To Members of the LGBTQ Population, and What a Person Should Expect to Find There.

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Mississippi LGBTQ Publications

Lesbian Front

Published in Water Valley & Jackson Mississippi

Lesbian Front started out as the Unnamed Lesbian Newsletter in its 1st printing in 1975. It grew to become the Lesbian Front after a group of lesbian women attended the Great Southeastern Lesbian Conference in 1975. While there they attend a publishing workshop and decide to take the newsletter into a fully formed radical women’s newspaper for lesbians. The appeal of this publication was that it was geared specifically to lesbian experience specifically, which resulted in one of the best letterheads ever which read “Free To Lesbians. For Others Please Subscribe”.

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This Month in Mississippi

Published in Jackson Mississippi

This Month in Mississippi began its life in 1975 as the newsletter for the Mississippi Gay Alliance and was published in Jackson Mississippi. The newsletter eventually became a monthly publication in 1981 and it continued to publish until 1991. TMM was truly the paper of the LGBTQ community across the state as it explores issues of civil rights, HIV/Aids, community organizing, as well as highlighting the fun and joy experienced across the state. Within this paper you can get a glimpse of all the successes, struggles, joys, and tragedies that folks living in Mississippi experienced. IH has worked with archives across the South to digitize this newspaper for research and continues to look for missing copies with the help of local individuals.

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The cover of the Mississippi Voice from October 1992

The Mississippi Voice

(1992 – 1996)
Published in Jackson Mississippi

The Mississippi Voice was a community based newspaper published in Jackson Mississippi from 1992-1996. This paper covered local, statewide and national issues related to LGBTQ people and was considered the successor to This Month in Mississippi. The editorial staff of the paper included Marise Boehs, Scott Mathis, Kevin Palmer, Kevin Thrailkill, and Ken Wilson. The MS Voice was, at the time, the only paper that was covering issues related to the community across Mississippi, it gave its reader a chance to stay in touch with the larger Queer community throughout the US. Contributors to the Voice were also featured in other national publications such as The Advocate and The Village Voice.

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Pink Magnolias

(1991: 3 issues)
Published in Jackson Mississippi

Pink Magnolias was first published in Jackson Mississippi in Feb/March of 1991. The editor of the paper was Jim Becker and in the 1st issue of the paper he says that the paper is designed to “Promote and highlight the talents and to present the news of Mississippi Gays & Lesbians. PM will strive to present humor, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, regular columns, letters from readers, and consciousness-raising materials as well as the news affecting the community”. The paper was short lived with only 3 issues, but has a unique approach to looking at the arts, culture, and news of LGBTQ people in Mississippi.

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The cover of Wimminspace News, Year 1 Volume 3, August 1992

Wimminspace News

Published in Jackson, Mississippi

Wimminspace began in Jackson as a pot-luck style dinner club for Lesbian women. It was described in This Month in Mississippi as “a chemically free, safe space for womyn, social/dinner will be held at the Unitarian Church on State Street in Jackson starting at 7:00 p.m”. In 1992 the 1st print issue of Wimminspace News began circulating to individuals who had attended the events and was able to go deeper into stories related to and for Lesbian women in Mississippi. The editor of this publication was Marise Boehs, who lives in Jackson.

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The cover of Hericane Volume 1, October 1989


(3 issues)

The Hericane was a newsletter written about Gulf Coast women’s issues originating at the feminist literature-focused Southern Wild Sisters Unlimited Bookstore in Gulfport, Mississippi, which was owned and operated by Brenda and Wanda Henson. The newsletter describes itself as “by, for, and about primarily, Gulf Coast Women’s issues. Our targeted areas are from Houston TX arching across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and down the Florida Coast to Sarasota.”

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Alabama LGBTQ Publications

The cover of Alabama Forum, January 1981

The Alabama Forum

(1977 – 2002)
Published in Birmingham, Alabama

The Alabama Forum, published in Birmingham from 1977 to 2002 under editor June Holloway, was one of the longest-running news sources for the LBGTQ community in the state of Alabama. This digital collection consists of 245 issues, published from 1981 to 2002 and totaling more than 4,500 pages.

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The cover of NOISE, September, 2011


Published in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

NOISE is a Birmingham based newspaper published by editor Don Mills from 2010-2011. This 13 issue paper looked at news and events in the LGBTQ community and had a circulation that included most of the state of Alabama and the Florida Panhandle.

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The cover of Wimminspace News, Year 1 Volume 3, August 1992

The Forge/The Tuscaloosa Free Press

Published in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

The Forge/The Tuscaloosa Free Press was a Tuscaloosa based newspaper published by editor Tom Clardy. This paper looked at issues in the LGBTQ community in Alabama with a focus on activism and social events in and around the Tuscaloosa community. The paper began as the Forge in 2005 and when the paper published its last issue in 2008 it was under the title of TAF or the Tuscaloosa Free Press.

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Florida Panhandle LGBTQ Publications

The cover of Alabama Forum, January 1981


Published in Pensacola, Florida

UpFront was published in Pensacola Florida from 1972-1973. This paper has 5 issues and is unique in its approach because it sought to encompass issues and appeal to both Gay men and Lesbian women. This full color publication is one of the oldest in Florida and contains some rich history of life in Florida from the 1970s.
This collection may contain NSFW images.

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