In 1987, Sandi Strong helped to coordinate and transport a group of activists from Alabama to the March on Washington for Lesbian & Gay Rights. This scrapbook has original documents that she has saved and allowed IHP to scan and to put the originals into the collection. Above is a partial scan of the scrapbook, as the original is over 350 pages.

In 1987 a large group of Gay men and Lesbians rode in a caravan driven by Sandy Strong to participate in the 1987 March on Washington. This group not only took activists with them, but also panels to be included in the Names Project Aids Memorial Quilt that was to be displayed on the National Mall. According to local community members, panels for the Quilt were being sewn up until the very last minute with individual people volunteering to make panels for lost loved ones.
MOW 1987
Credit: J.D. Doyle Archives (LINK TO ONLINE COLLECTION), Houston TX
Texas historian, J.D. Doyle, has collected and scanned the programs for the various marches on Washington from 79, 87, and 93.