Southern LGBTQ history is under increasing attack. The efforts to censor our rich and diverse history are nothing new. We have been here before. We have fought. We have won. We will again. With your support, we will ensure that Southern LGBTQ history lives on for generations to come.

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Your contribution fuels our mission to safeguard Southern LGBTQ history, a task we cannot achieve without the generous support of individuals like you. Every donation, regardless of size, is a powerful act of preservation, ensuring these stories endure. Embrace your role in history-making—donate with pride today and become a part of the legacy that celebrates and protects our rich and diverse histories!

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Support Invisible Histories with a recurring donation and play a vital role in preserving the rich tapestry of Southern LGBTQ history. Every dollar, no matter the amount, contributes directly to saving and sharing these invaluable stories for generations to come. Join us in our mission to keep history alive, one story at a time.

Program Sponsorships

Partner with Invisible Histories through programmatic sponsorships, a unique opportunity for corporations, small businesses, educational institutions, and organizations to make a lasting impact on the preservation of Southern LGBTQ history. Your support enables us to continue our vital work, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of these stories within and beyond your communities. Together, we can ensure that these narratives are not just preserved but celebrated.

Planned Giving

Interested in making a planned gift through your estate planning? Please download and complete the Planned Financial Gift Commitment Form and submit a copy to Invisible Histories ([email protected]), your next of kin, and your estate representative/manager.

Tax Exemption Letter

Invisible Histories is a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit (Tax ID: 82-0777440).
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EOY Reports

Invisible Histories focuses on four key areas in our efforts to preserve Southern LGBTQ history.

  1. Community Engagement
  2. Archiving, Preservation, Research & Scholarship
  3. Education
  4. Professional Development & Best Practices

To see how we are going about this year-to-year, check out our annual reports.

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