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Invisible Histories is a nonprofit based in Birmingham, AL. IH actively locates, preserves, researches, and creates community and educational programming around LGBTQ history in the Deep South. IHP offers a variety of talks, presentations, and workshops that are suitable for educational, corporate, and social settings. While our work focuses primarily on the LGBTQ South, our offerings are suited for a wide variety of audiences nationally and internationally.

Introduction to Invisible Histories

1 hour

This presentation covers the history of IH, what we have learned in our 5 years of operation, how we work with both the community and institutions, and why it’s important to preserve Southern LGBTQ history and archives.

Random Queer Things

1-2 hours (can be adjusted)

This talk gives an overview of numerous people, places, and events that have helped shaped LGBTQ history in the South and the US. This talk focuses specifically on lesser known LGBTQ history across the South.

A Box & A Folder

1.5-2 hours (can be adjusted)

This training is designed to help individuals and organizations learn the process to archive their histories and how to integrate this into their organizations. This training will provide the basics for how to organize physical materials, digital materials, and how to incorporate these practices into programming and other events for the organization.

Southern Legal History

1-2 hours (can be adjusted)

The Southern Legal History presentation highlights legal battles that LGBTQ Southerners have been involved in throughout the 1900s and 2000s. This session focuses on both lesser known events as well as national moments like Lawrence v. Texas and Bostock v. Clayton County.

Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia or Florida Specific History Talk

1 hour

These sessions focus specifically on the history of LGBTQ in their respective state.

HIV/AIDS History in the South

1 hour

The HIV/AIDS History in the South gives a brief overview of the AIDS pandemic of the 1980s and 1990s with heavy emphasis on the ways in which Southern LGBTQ people cared for each other in the face of discrimination and lack of national, state, or local support.

Implicit Bias What It Is and How It Relates to Gender & Sexuality

1-2 hours

Our implicit bias workshop is a heavily participatory session that guides participants through a series of exercises to better understand what implicit bias is, how it operates in our day-to-day lives, and how we can challenge these biases in ourselves.

LGBTQ Inclusion Training

2-3 hours

This training is ideal for those new to concepts around LGBTQ people and issues as well as those wanting to refresh their knowledge. Participants will understand how gender, sex, and sexuality are constructed, review important vocabulary, and develop practical ways of working with LGBTQ people.

We Choose Our Names: Advanced Queer Language Lesson

1 hour

How did we go from Gay & Lesbian to LGBTQ? How did Queer become a reclaimed word? Participants will explore the evolution of LGBTQ as a social identity as communities began to identify themselves through collective language.

Queer Oral History Practices

2 hours

This workshop provides an overview of best practices and things to consider when engaging in LGBTQ oral history efforts. This session can be customized for audiences at differing experience levels and for projects that are community or institutionally driven.

Queer History Field Work

1.5-2.5 Hours

This session reviews the importance of preserving current history and ways in which people can do that as they interact with their communities as community organizers, activists, and leaders. If the budget allows, this workshop can include Queer History Field kit backpacks that include items needed for on-the-go archival and oral history preservation.

Custom Session

A custom session can be developed based on your needs, time, and audience. Please email us to discuss further.

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