One of the most important parts of Invisible Histories’ work is making sure that the collections we bring in are put into the hands of the public. One of the ways that we do this is to curate exhibits so that the public can come and interact with their history and archival materials. We curated our first exhibit in conjunction with Worlds Aids Day in 2019. This exhibit was fully online and was designed to give everyone a glimpse into the history of the response to the HIV/Aids crisis in Alabama. Subsequent exhibits have explored the history of Birmingham Alabama’s LGBTQ community as told through the Alabama Forum newspaper, and a look at the LGBTQ history of Mississippi through the lens of three decades of statewide publications.

As more collections come in, Invisible Histories is committed to making sure that the stories and Queer and Trans people are old and accessible in museums, art galleries, universities, and community spaces across our region. These exhibits are incredible and difficult work, and with the help of committed graduate students, community people, and IH staff, we are planning many more to come. If you have an interest in exhibit planning, or have ideas for possible partnership ideas, but let us know at [email protected].

Invisible Histories Exhibits

World AIDS Day 2020 Timeline Exhibit

This exhibit is a living collection of materials related to HIV/AIDS organizing and services in the state of Alabama and is in no way a complete representation of the full history.
Co-curators of this exhibit are Shane Hekker, Joshua Burford, and Maigen Sullivan.